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The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) serves as the planning blueprint to guide transportation investments in the County involving local, state, and federal funding over the next twenty years. Transportation improvements are categorized as short-term (0-10 years) or long-term (11-20 years). The overall focus of the RTP is directed at developing a coordinated and balanced multi-modal regional transportation system that is financially constrained to the revenues anticipated over the life of the plan (2030). The coordination focus brings the County, City of Bishop, Indian Tribal Governments, resource agencies, and citizens into the planning process. The balance is achieved by considering investment and improvements for moving people and goods across all modes including roads, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, goods, and aviation. Individual projects identified in the Regional Transportation Plan will receive further project-specific environmental review. Comprehensive updates to the RTP are supposed to be completed every 5 years. In 2014, the Inyo County LTC elected to update the RTP every 4 years after the completion of the 2015 update. As a result of this change, Inyo County and the City of Bishop are now only required to update the Housing Elements of their General Plans every 8 years.

2019 Update - the Inyo County LTC has hired LSC Transportation Consultants Inc. to complete an update of the Regional Transportation Plan. The update is required to be completed by September 15, 2019. A public hearing on the Draft RTP and Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact was held in conjunction with the June 19, 2019 LTC Meeting. The public is encouraged to comment on the documents. Click the following to comment via e-mail


2015 RTP - at their September 16, 2015 meeting, the LTC adopted the 2015 Regional Transportation Plan. The Inyo County Regional Transportation Plan is available to view by following the links below.

PDF Size

Inyo County Regional Transportation Plan 2015 Documents

RTP Partial 2015 Regional Transportation Plan (without Figures and Appendices)

 580 Kb

Cover Cover Page  81 Kb
TOC Table of Contents 18 Kb
Executive Summary RTP Executive Summary  46 Kb
Appendices Appendix A through J  2,400 Kb
Figure 1 Site Map of Inyo County Eastern Sierra  320 Kb
Figure 2 US Census Tract Reference Map  100 Kb
Figure 3 2013 Traffic Volumes Inyo County  127 Kb
Figure 4 2035 Estimated Traffic Volumes in Inyo County  126 Kb
Figure 5 City of Bishop Traffic Volumes  88 Kb
Figure 6 Inyo County Auto Accidents  133 Kb
Figure 7 City of Bishop Auto Accidents  81 Kb
Figure 8 Inyo and Mono County Activity Centers and ESTA Regional Routes  380 Kb
Figure 9 Bishop Existing Non-Motorized Facilities  161 Kb
Figure 10 2010-2013 Inyo County Bike/Pedestrian Accidents  91 Kb
Figure 11 2010-2013 Bishop Area Bike/Pedestrian Accidents  93 Kb
Checklist State Mandated RTP Checklist  340 Kb
RTP Complete Includes all Figures, Tables, and Appendices  4,346 Kb

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